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Mysteryseries-copy Mystery lovers
If you enjoy a good mystery, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, then Ray Moore’s Reverend Lyle Thorne mystery stories are for you. Once a member of the Metropolitan Police,  the Reverend Lyle Thorne now fills his days helping his flock avoid the pitfalls of life and solving mysteries that come his way. Set in the small fictitious town of Sanditon on the South Coast of Britain during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain, these stories follow the tone set by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of a quirky detective, a great mystery, and a twist at the end. If you love Downton Abbey these stories will enthrall you. Slip a Reverend Lyle Thorne book in your pocket or download an eBook to your reading device before you leave the house. It’s just the thing for a quick 30 minute read. Each book contains 5 short stories and each mystery tempts the reader to solve the mystery before reaching the end of the tale.  
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Literature lovers
If you are a lover of classic literature and want to get below a surface read of a text then Ray’s Text and Critical Introduction series or Critical Introduction series is just what you need.The two series draw on Ray’s many years of teaching and, for each text covered, distill his experiences into one volume that will help anyone plumb the depths of some of the great works of literature. As Ray would tell his classes.

Go narrow. Go deep!

You too can explore new ideas and develop your own thoughts and new perspectives.
Discover new insights and experience… Conan Doyle’s detective Sherlock Holmes, Camus’ absurdism, Geoffrey Chaucer’s England of the Middle Ages, Joseph Conrad’s River Congo, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s New York and Long Island, or Jane Austen’s classic love story as you never have before. Look at Elizabeth and Darcy in a new light… from the man’s point of view!

NOTE: The covers for the Critical Introduction series were recently updated to reflect their inclusion in the series and to enable you the reader to easily identify Ray’s book series.
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His Study Guides for students or for members of book discussion groups ask probing and challenging questions to guide a reader’s thoughts and ideas, yet still allows the reader to develop his/her own understanding of literature texts. Valuable activities are included- not just time fillers!
Teacher resources
New resources now being added throughout the yearcheck back often to see if the study guide you want is available!
Ray also produces a wide array of resources for Language Arts teachers which are available as paperbacks, eBooks, and at his TeacherPayTeachers store. His teacher resources will save any teacher valuable preparation time and provide the teacher with a chapter by chapter commentary/ series of questions on the text. Activities if appropriate for a particular text will be included.
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