If you need help understanding some of the great works of literature, then you have found the right place.
If you are looking for more than a study guide, but don’t want to be perturbed by intellectual academic jargon, try these books. They are written in easy to understand language.
Nonetheless, each book is thoroughly researched and reflects the latest academic writing on the text in order to provide a clear and consistent interpretation. Character analysis, themes etc are all outlined.

Text and Critical Introduction Series books give students and general readers the text, (and if appropriate a modernized translation) plus a commentary of the text/poem and questions to guide you to a better understanding of the book.. Some of the books also contain vocabulary definitions, notes and references to enhance understanding.

All the elements you need to help you understand the writer’s intentions.
All you need in a single book!

henryVTCI Sir Gawain textandci-frontcover9-6 copy Wife of bath textandci front copy
The_General_Prologue_Cover Sign of Four textandciv2-front copy RoomwithaView-front copy
Oedipus Rex textandci front cover copy HeartofDarkness-frontcover copy

Critical Introduction Series gives students and general readers a chapter by chapter commentary and probing questions that enables detailed critical analysis of a single text. Read this alongside your own copy of the text to truly understand these great works of fiction.

The Stranger Critical Introduction 2nd ed front cover The Great Gatsby front cover Pride and Prejudice front cover
General Prologue book cover